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Columbus attorney experienced in federal criminal trials and government investigations

When you are battling the government in court or in an investigation, it can feel like the odds are stacked against you. Government agencies are well-funded and staffed with veteran prosecutors and investigators. You need an advocate by your side who has the skill and experience to even the odds. At the Law Offices of Jason M. Ferguson, we provide dedicated, responsive representation for people charged with or under investigation for crimes. From our offices in Columbus, GA, we counsel individuals and businesses in criminal matters throughout the state.

Knowledgeable advocate has the skills to counter the government’s advantage

Going up against the federal government in a criminal matter, or even a potential one, demands a strong counsel to even the playing field. Our principal attorney, Jason M. Ferguson, can lend you his experience working as an assistant U.S. attorney in Georgia as well as his network of expert witnesses, paralegals and investigators to fight for your rights and reputation. Hiring our firm gives you the advantage of:

  • A thorough strategy — If you are targeted for investigation, we will create a well-thought-out strategy to give you the best chance of resolving the issue, if possible before charges are filed.
  • Experienced litigators — Our principal attorney has extensive experience in court as a federal prosecutor as well as in hundreds of cases representing high-profile and Fortune 500 corporations.
  • A record of success — We are proud of our history of helping people and businesses avoid prosecution, but also of our reputation for winning tough battles for our clients in court.

When your reputation, your property and possibly your freedom are on the line, you want an attorney who knows what you’re up against and has the resources and experience to rise to the challenge.

A sophisticated defense against a range of federal charges

For years, people facing criminal investigation or prosecution have turned to the Law Offices of Jason M. Ferguson in Fortson, GA for defense because of our extensive experience handling such matters as:

  • Federal criminal charges — From drug offenses to white collar crimes, we are experienced in all aspects of federal prosecution and dedicated to protecting your rights.
  • Government investigations and compliance issues — When you are called to respond to investigations by government departments, we have the background necessary to guide you through the process, with a view toward limiting your exposure to liability.
  • Fraud and conspiracy allegations — In dealing with claims of Medicare or Medicaid fraud, identity theft or conspiracy, we know the legal terrain and how the prosecution thinks, improving your chance of success.

When you’re facing a federal prosecution, you need experienced, responsive counsel working to defend you. We provide hands-on, one-on-one attention to every client’s case.

If you’re in federal criminal trouble, contact our firm as soon as possible.

At the Law Offices of Jason M. Ferguson, we have wide-ranging experience successfully defending clients like you from complex government prosecution. Call us today at 706-249-9078 or contact us online for a free consultation at our Columbus office to get your defense on track.