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When you’ve been notified that you or your business is under investigation, you can’t afford to wait for the government to make the next move. Such probes can be stressful and time-consuming and can have a negative impact on your business. To counter aggressive and often intimidating investigators, you need experienced, savvy counsel like the Law Offices of Jason M. Ferguson in Columbus to help you level the playing field and formulate a responsive strategy.

Counsel experienced with federal criminal investigations can make all the difference

There are many reasons you or your business could be targeted by a government investigation. We have handled dozens of federal criminal investigations by powerful government agencies like the DEA, FBI, IRS and Homeland Security. Federal investigations can be formidable due to the vast resources the agencies and prosecutors can bring to bear. If you receive a target letter notifying you that you are under investigation, it is imperative that you speak to no one about the matter except an attorney. Contacting a qualified attorney quickly can have a strong impact on the ultimate resolution of the matter.

Knowledgeable advocate helps you plan a practical, strategic solution

Government investigations can often be brought to a successful resolution without criminal penalties. In many cases, prosecution can be avoided by conducting an internal investigation and self-reporting any violations and the corrective steps taken. The Law Offices of Jason M. Ferguson draw upon our principal attorney’s experience and extensive contacts in federal law enforcement to help clients achieve a successful, timely result. We have also helped resolve government investigations or prosecutions through such means as:

  • Plea negotiations
  • Non-prosecution agreements
  • Immunity agreements
  • Settlement agreements

When there is no alternative to trial, we stand ready to provide the strongest defense possible, developing a clear strategy early on and assembling an able team of experts and investigators.

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When you’re faced with a federal investigation, you need a lawyer who knows what you’re up against. At the Law Offices of Jason M. Ferguson, we have experience resolving criminal matters at every level. Call 706-249-9078 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation at our Columbus office.

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